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Prevent Ice Dams and Damage with Heater Cap Gutter Protection

Protect your home from ice dams with Heater Cap's advanced gutter protection system.

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Shield Your Gutters From Ice and Damming

Safeguarding your home from winter's harsh effects is now effortless with Heater Cap. Engineered to prevent ice dams and snow accumulation, Heater Cap uses advanced technology to gently melt ice and snow on your roof, ensuring smooth water flow through gutters and downspouts. Unlike traditional heat tapes, Heater Cap covers a larger area and is safely hard-wired into your home's circuit breaker. Its discreet design maintains your home's aesthetics, while its dependable performance provides peace of mind all winter long. Invest in Heater Cap today and protect your home from costly ice damage.

Protect Your Gutters

What Makes Heater Cap Different

The Heater Cap difference is defined by its innovative approach to ice dam prevention. Unlike conventional methods, Heater Cap uses advanced heating technology to gently melt ice and snow on your roof, ensuring continuous water flow through gutters and downspouts. Featuring a combination of heat disbursement panels and self-regulating heating cables, Heater Cap covers a larger area for comprehensive ice buildup protection. Its hard-wired installation into your home's circuit breaker ensures both safety and reliability. Eliminate the hassle and damage caused by ice dams—choose Heater Cap for superior performance and peace of mind, even in the harshest winter conditions.

Heater Cap Benefits

The Benefits Of Installing Heater Cap

Heater Cap provides exceptional ice dam prevention by gently melting ice and snow, ensuring your gutters remain free-flowing. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Heater Cap offers reliable performance that protects your home throughout the year. Experience superior protection and peace of mind with Heater Cap's innovative solution.


Transferable lifetime warranties


Manufactured in the USA


Panels won't warp or collapse


Custom fits to existing gutters

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Why homeowners choose Turtle Shell

Turtle Shell stands out as the top choice for gutter protection projects due to its advanced technology and unbeatable benefits. With the latest innovation in gutter guard technology and stone-coated guards that perfectly match any roof, Turtle Shell ensures both superior functionality and aesthetic appeal. Backed by a double lifetime clog-free warranty, homeowners enjoy peace of mind and long-term protection against gutter issues. Additionally, Turtle Shell's locally owned and operated business model, along with certified installers, ensures top-notch service and support from start to finish.

Summer Savings Special

Save 50% On A Gutter Guard Installation

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